Communication with a green thump

Ecological awareness and sustainability are increasingly transforming our way of thinking becoming one of the major acting maxim of our times. Moreover this involves promising entrepreneurial perspectives: Clean-Tech, renewable energies and other key sustainable industries keep recording very hight rates of growth. To benefit from these impulses requires from any corporate communication policy to be: expandable on the long run, credential and first of all consistent. With this said corporate communication must be authentically and convincingly planned and be orientated towards the specific requirements of this new socio-economical development. We deploy our talent for unconventional design and marketing solutions to develop in cooperation with our clients innovative and exciting new campaigns that are apart form being informative may arouse also emotions.


Design a Greener World

We are convinced that sustainable design will induce ecological, social and economic advantages on the long run. Designers and marketing consultants take a central role in the conception of every campaign. Therefore we are constantly striving to question traditional working habitats and substitute them if applicable with approaches that are both economically and ecologically meaningful.


Sustainable Marketing-Instruments

There is no trade off between advertising efficiency and sustainability. On a case-by-case basis we are evaluating design concepts and marketing strategies regarding their usability in a sustainable, credible and expandable communication policy. Modular systems, resource saving print media, new media (web 2.0), environmental sponsoring and much more....


We know that Lohas want

Fair trade, health and wellness, eco-living, slow food, sustainable tourism and the green fashion movement all are advancing on a big scale into a growing machine with double digit rates. Our network partners are specialized in investment and consumer goods. A combination often resulting in unusual and unconventional answers.


Our Contribution

We ourselves are committed to work as resource-efficient as possible: energy-efficient IT-technology, energy-saving and paperless offices, efficient network organization, clime-neutral printing, and if applicable the use of public transport. Instead of making expensive business trips we prefer to meet us in video conferences. Even with far away clients we favour this quick and unbureaucratic way of communicating.

In signing the Charta for Sustainable Design of the AGD we commit ourselves to ecological and social responsible behaviour.


Integrated Communication Policy

Communication police within the scope of branding generally should underscore the ecological competence and social responsibility of the company concerned. It reflect an ecologically integrated marketing and corporate concept.


Advantage of Site

Our Italian and German locations, our cooperations with partners in Austria, the USA, Middle- and Eastern European Countries provide us with a big advantage exploiting the growth markets for green technology and renewable energies. Beyond that Italy, Germany and USA have all enormous potential when it comes to slow food and sustainable wellness.