Studio Norbert Heyl gets Sappi European Printer Award Gold for Eternal Temptation


Litvak Gallery


2010 / Belgium, Czech Republic


Oh well, 2008 was just Warm-Up - back then we got silver. 2009/2010 we were more severe and succeed in making gold.

Design gets more potentional through innovative printing. For this reason we ever emphasized the importance of distinguished printing technique. Our abbility to develop trend-setting solutions in this regard was proven by the renowned Sappi European Printer Award for the second time now. In the book/editorial section our sophisticated printing partner DITRE (Padova, Italy) achieved the first position with our volume "Eternal Temptation".

In regard to the project concept using sophisticated typographic features and an eye-catching venetian red velved book cover we succeed to carve out the personality of the venetian glass artist Lucio Bubacco and his sculptural work.

Sappi Fine Paper Europe in a gala night on 29th may in Prague honoured the bronze-, silver- and gold winners from a range of European countries and the Middle East. Prior to that an independend jury choose our volume out of a selection of over 2000 submissions from 34 European countries. They defined our work as a perfect example of excellent printing and binding, distinguished by vibrant colour rendering. The gold honoured works are striking proofs of how vigorous good printing can be applied in all kinds of media.

The Eternal Temptation book was part of a larger, more complex project assignd by Litvak Gallery, a Tel Aviv based art gallery, involving an artist video and the design of a booth on the Chicago art fair SOFA.


Studio Norbert Heyl gets Sappi European Printer Award Gold